What is demi?


We take the idea of a partnership very seriously. For us, it means mutually beneficial. With shared goals. And no hidden motives. A relationship worth building, sustaining and protecting over time. So we supply everything you need to succeed and handle every aspect of your transition. Then we ride shotgun alongside you all the way, to make extra sure you get where you need to go.

We’re driven by an urgent sense of purpose. A full throttle obsession to do everything we can, as fast as we can, to create a better future for our industry and everyone whose life it touches. No compromise. No surrender. And no turning back. We’re running, hammer down, to bridge the gap between the finite supply of fossil fuels and the limitless future of renewable energy. By staying tenacious. Tireless. And scrappy, in the very best sense of the word.

We spell out exactly what we do. Open and upfront. Free of anything that feels like marketing hype or total BS. Then we do what we say. Every time. Being completely transparent and 100% dependable can be tough. But it’s deeply rooted in our values and our DNA. And it’s crucial to building the kind of trust this industry desperately needs. The kind that makes a partnership last.

A lot of brands claim to be innovative. Few really are. Consistently pioneering breakthrough improvements in any industry is a tough task. Particularly one as skeptical, complex, and entrenched in the past as ours. But it’s the end goal of every solution we develop. Whether we’re evolving a new, unprecedented way to make better use of what’s available, or coming up with truly original, first-ever technology, we view elevating the industry through positive, disruptive change as a challenge and responsibility we embrace whole-heartedly.

We pride ourselves in being a people-first place. You can see it in the face-to-face, heart- to-heart way we connect with every customer. And with each other. We don’t just celebrate diversity. We seek it. Because we value the priceless know-how, empathy, and understanding that a broad spectrum of work and life experience brings to what we do. And what we can provide. The way we see it, if you work for us or with us, you’re family. And we’ll make sure you have a chance to grow, both personally and professionally. Because that’s what families do.

We devise and implement transitional fuel solutions that reduce costs and carbon. One innovation, one vehicle, one trip at a time. We're not here to sell some one-and-done product. We're your full service, long-term diesel displacement solution; we'll help you secure financing, convert and maintain your entire fleet, set you up with a trusted natural gas partner, and help you monitor your whole operation. Everything you need to ensure your success. 

Did you know that Natural Gas can come from renewable sources, such as Cow Manure. As organic material decomposes it emits methane. That methane can be (and is) captured and cleaned in order to power vehicles such as your local school bus fleet. Utilizing the Demi Diesel Displacer technology combined with the NeuFuel CNG storage technology on your existing diesel fleet enables you to have a cleaner carbon footprint today. 

American CNG has been supplying solutions and replacement parts for over a decade. We specialize in getting vehicles that run on natural gas back on the roads all over the world. You call us and our team of dedicated employees get to work. We look out for the little guys and help find solutions for the big fleets to save money. You choose American CNG not because we sell parts, but because we care.